Ego Search

Have you ever tried to Google yourself? It’s not an ego thing – well, not necessarily. You can see it as an interesting experiment, a fascinating revelation, a search for distant relatives or, as I did, a check on identity theft. I read an article suggesting that if you have an online presence, you should regularly Google the name you use to see who is linking to you and to check that no one is pretending to be you. I often check for unauthorised use of images – I changed my Flickr image status away from Creative Commons last year because too many of my photos were turning up on little sites without the courtesy of a request – but people still assume they can use them for free.

If it’s a genuine not-for-profit site, I’m usually happy to oblige. But ultimately, Creative Commons affects those who make a living from photography, so I’m not prepared to blanket label my photos as such.

I typed in my name and pressed the button, with a little trepidation. What if I was a known criminal?

I expected some entries. I have a presence on Flickr, Facebook and Geograph, and now here. Years ago I had a personal website and occasionally in the past I have come across references to that. I even have a brief presence on Wikipedia (a photo of an old WW2 relic at Pembrey airfield). So I know I’ll get some hits.

But my search also threw up some unexpected results. There are 5 people in Swansea with my name. In addition to those multiple personalities, I am:

  • A ‘PowerYoga’ teacher
  • Building society manager

    Dave distorted by scanner

    Could this be the real me?

  • A musician in Germany (yaay, big in Germany)
  • An Australian ex Big Brother contestant
  • A teacher
  • A fundraiser (well, actually, I am that)
  • A Moto Cross racer
  • A commercial manager in a local council office
  • A football poet.

Way down the list, I found the first reference to me – a photo from my Justgiving site from when I went to Everest Base Camp.

If you don’t know me, you are free to pick which ever one you want to picture while you read my blog. If you know me, maybe you don’t really know me?


5 responses to “Ego Search

  1. Quite surprising entries there as I wouldn’t think your name was that common. I have similar issues, not only am I the bass player with Iron Maiden (this gets me some very bizarre mentions on Twitter), I’m also an XFM radio DJ and, shockingly, a Mac software developer. Oh, wait! I started to get really well known in my little work bubble and I had to go anon on a lot of my personal activities. Actually, I did a bit too good of a job shirking fame and now I’m rapidly heading back to nobody status.

    Also, I know what you mean about Creative Commons, I’m thinking of doing the same with my photos and changing it back. It’s one of those things that would work in an ideal world, but this one is full of scumbags.

  2. I just googled my blog name as I was getting blog views from a forum elsewhere – couldn’t find anything much (I don’t trust the web address to go straight to it). I then checked my name – Im a multimedia artist from Australia, I wish!

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