Retail Therapy

I am fortunate that I have a little disposable income that I can afford to use up on my hobbies now and again. Before the trek earlier this year, I had to invest in some new outdoor clothing. The biggest purchase was a new pair of walking boots – worth their weight in gold as my feet luxuriated in them all the time I was away (well, not all the time otherwise no one would have come near me for the smell).


Parasol Mushroom


Then there was the bathroom. Not strictly speaking a luxury or hobby related payment there. And tonight a new lens for my camera. Well, not new – I can’t afford new. But a good quality example from a trusted retailer. It’s a purchase made as a result of seeing some fantastic photos on a friend’s blog (click on the Katylizrichards link over there… no, no, over there… and look at the ‘Rose in the Sunshine’ entry).

When I was in college, I spent a few weeks exploring macro photography but it was mainly testing parameters and depths of field for specific lenses. I decided as part of my push to try new things to give macro another go and seeing Kate’s superb macros was the final straw.

Retail therapy really works.






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