Above us, the stars

Last night was the first truly clear night for a long time. And we were still in the middle of the Perseid meteor shower. So I took the opportunity and went out to look. I set the camera up to record a series of 30 second exposures with an interval of a couple of seconds. At first the sky was still quite light but as the night went on, it got darker and more and more stars became visible.

I love looking up at the night sly and wondering. I was rewarded last night with several aircraft flying high, a satellite passing over head and one spectacular meteor. It was relatively slow and burned a gorgeous deep orange colour. Near the end of it’s passing, it split into three and two pieces trailed behind the larger leading piece. The camera failed to record it. I thin it was pointing in slightly the wrong direction, Typical.

My back garden by moonlight

Roses in the Moonlight

The moon was nearly full and as it rose at the front of the house, the garden became bathed in its gentle white light. Moonlight has a different, ethereal quality and I took some long exposure photos of the roses against the night sky. Eventually, the moon started to drown out any faint objects in the sky.

Clouds at night

Night Clouds



It was a work night so I couldn’t stay up as long as I would have liked and the bright moon gave me the excuse I needed to get some sleep.



I was pleased that I’d seen one meteor, though. It made it all worthwhile.


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