I was down at the local pond to grab some sunset shots and also to take some photos of the stars. The sunset wasn’t the best as the clouds rolled in and hid any colour. But there was a nice reflection in the still water of the pond. So I set up and started snapping. As I was looking through the viewfinder, I could hear a faint clicking but I didn’t really register it.

A bat

Bat 1

After grabbing some pictures, I looked up to be buzzed by a bat. I could barely make it out against the dark sky but as my eyes adjusted from the bright camera screen to the night, I started seeing more and more. And the noises I was hearing were the clicking of the bat’s sonar and the flapping of their wings. They were darting about feeding on the insects flying above the pond.

Bat flying over Broadpool

Bat at Sunset

I set up the built in flash (all I had) and guessed the focus and exposure. Every time a bat came within what i thought was the angle of view of the lens, I fired the shutter. Flashes lit up the night sky. I was careful not to fire while cars were passing as the road was close and I didn’t want to distract drivers. After half an hour I had about 30 photos.

I walked back to the car and took some photos of the night sky but I was still thinking about the bats and I didn’t stay long.

I was quite pleased with the results considering I hadn’t planned on trying to catch bats. I’ll be back there with a bigger flashgun as soon as the weather clears.  A bat

Bat over Broadpool

4 responses to “Bats

    • It was as random as the blog describes. With the pop up flash on, I waited until I saw a movement in what I thought was the space covered by the lens, and hit the shutter release. Aperture was set to f/8, focal length between 35 and 50mm and ISO varied between 800 and 2000.

      When I go back, I’ll take more lighting – a bigger flashgun and a big torch that I’ll use as the ‘laser sight’ to tell me when they’re in range.

    • Thanks Maggie. I come across them a lot when driving, but these were flying just above my head. Fantastic feeling.

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