Holiday 3

Yesterday morning we went out to see the hens in the field next to the cottage. They were so pleased to see us again that they completed the 50 yard sprint from the hen house to the fence in record time. It’s so funny to see them charge towards us then mill about looking cool and aloof.

Later, we drove along the beautiful North Devon coast towards Combe Martin. On out right as we went was the Bristol Channel and beyond, home. Only a few miles away but it had taken us three hours and 150 miles to get to where we were. A short ferry ride would be much simpler.

We were heading for the Dinosaur park just outside the village. It’s sited on the side of the valley leading to the sea and this means that the attractions are on different levels. It’s hard going but it does mean that you use up all the calories that you’ve eaten climbing up the steep slopes between sites.

We managed to survive the hourly ‘waking of the dinosaurs’, the deadly earthquake and dam burst to make it to the cafe for a picnic lunch. We didn’t get to go into the lemur enclosure this time as they were having a loud and shrill territorial dispute.

The evening was finished off with a particularly bizarre movie featuring three short films by directors from Japan, Korea and Hong Kong. One was sick enough even to force us to skip it. The next was bizarre in a way I particularly like – surreal but with a sense of humour. The third was just unfathomable. Long live Oriental film making.

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