Tegenaria Gigantea

I was sat watching the TV last night. Episode 9 of the current ‘Torchwood’ series. I was particularly interested as the opening scenes of a car crashing into a shop front were filmed just down the road from me. I’d been stood just out of camera view  as the car was handbrake turned towards the pavement. I was engrossed in spotting recognisable landmarks when a little voice to my left said ‘I’m bored with this. I wanna watch the sport’.

I looked over and there, on the wall, was a Tegenaria Gigantea. It was big enough to have an opinion of it’s own. It was big enough that I felt I had to listen. We started at each other for a few seconds and then my heart started again.

I have a totally irrational phobia of spiders. Arachnophobia. Tegenaria Gigantea is the posh and less scary name of the common House Spider. And yes, there is a photo, below.

When I saw it on the wall, easily 2 inches from leg to leg, I was filled with an instant dread. When they surprise me like that, I really have a problem dealing with them. If someone asks me to deal with one, I find the warning is enough for me to at least be able to act rationally. And I never, ever kill them.

This one sat passively on the wall, hoping I’d change the TV channel. I went off as calmly as I could to the kitchen to get an empty pot noodle container – this and a piece of card would be the means by which the spider would be transported outside. There was no cardboard available to I got a piece of paper, trapped the spider beneath the container and slid the paper between container and wall. So far so good.

But then, I had to carry to combination over to the door, which I had forgotten to open in advance. Holding the container and paper in one hand caused the paper to lift away from the rim of the container. I could feel the spider banging against the side of the container (it was that big) and I rushed to get it outside before it forced its way out of the top.

Once safely outside, I sat back down, but now I couldn’t settle. Years ago, when I had cats, they dealt with anything like that in their own way, no questions asked.

The Autumn onslaught has begun.



House Spider

House Spider


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