Back to the Mountains

Yesterday I went back to the mountains for the first time in a while. Various elements have prevented me from going for a while, not least the weather, so I was pleased to see the Brecon Beacons forecast showing clear skies for the morning.

Rufus and I set of from the car at about 8.30 and we had the mountainside to ourselves.

No people, no sheep. Just as we like it. The river was flowing fast and full following several days of heavy rain. I knew this would mean wet and muddy conditions under foot but I resigned myself early to a soaking and trusted to the sun to keep me warm and dry me off. Rufus, of course, didn’t care as he would dry off in my car on the way home.

Sure enough, the first bog came shortly after we’d crossed the river and it stayed squelchy until we reached the banks of Llyn y Fan Fawr 45 minutes later. But it was warm and the mountain looked inviting, so with only a short pause to snack, we headed up the steep slope on the side of Fan Brecheiniog to Bwlch Giedd and on the the ridge of the mountain itself.

The views from the top were amazing, as usual. The air was clear and in the distance I could see little pockets of mist sheltering from the sun in dips and valleys. To the north west, the Twyi valley was completely filled by thick white mist. A cold wind was blowing and my hands were cold but the sun kept the rest of me warm. I could have stayed there all day.

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