I went for a short walk along the Neath canal this morning. The weather was crisp and clear and there was a frost on the ground. I love mornings like this and this morning I had the tow path to myself.

I was trying out the infra red camera again. I had nothing particularly in mind. I’d stopped off briefly in Singleton Park but the batteries had run out before I could take too many photos, and instead fo returning after getting new batteries, I headed elsewhere.

I walked past Neath Abbey and down the road system, with bridges and flyovers. There was a lot of geometry going on but I was more taken with the graffiti. It wasn’t particularly colourful, but some of it was skilful and clever. I often wonder what goes through the minds of those who create this form of art. I know some of it is tagging but some of what i saw today was more humorous. Whether that was intentioanl or not I don’t know and don’t care.

The images below are intended as a record of the work of others that some might not get to see. My only artistic input is in what I choose to include, and how I choose to record it.

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