Llyn y Fan Fach

Llyn y Fan Fach means ‘Small lake beneath the hilltop’. Hundreds of years ago, the story goes, a shepherd fell in love with a fairy from beneath the waters of the lake. They married against all odds but he had to promise that he wouldn’t strike her more than three times., Of course, he did and she disappeared beneath the water again, leaving the shepherd to bring up his three sons on his own. The sons became the first of the famous Physicians of Myddfai.

I love this little lake but I’m not so keen on the approach through narrow lanes, then narrower lanes and finally a rough farm track with huge potholes and large protruding rocks. The one good thing is that very few people will come across the little car park by accident and the area will remain unspoilt. Walking up the path, past the fish farm, it was quite noticeable and very welcome that there was a complete lack of litter.

At the dam, we sat and had coffee while Rufus scampered about, dipping his paws in the water despite it being very cold. Last time we were all here, it was blowing a gale and we turned back from the top of Picws Du as icy sleet was blowing in our faces. We ended up taking refuge in the rescue shelter by the dam. This time the weather was much kinder.

After a short break, we carried on up until we reached the top of the mountain. By now the ground was white with frost and the wind had turned decidedly sharp and bitter. The sun was going down to our right but the views from the top were magnificent., The air was clear and the visibility went on for miles.

Then it was time to go and we made short work of the descent. A quick coffee at the dam and before long we were back at the car. The track was just as rough going in the opposite direction.

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