Some Days

Some days I go out with the camera and I am inspired. Some days I am inspired and then go out with the camera. Some days I go out with the camera seeking inspiration, but inspiration does not want to be found. On Saturday, no matter how hard I searched, inspiration stayed hidden.

Rufus and I had a great time playing in the river. I snapped some snaps and even went to the effort of taking bracketed shots for later processing as HDR images. But no matter how hard I tried, nothing really jumped out at me. I visit this location frequently and maybe that is part of the problem – over familiarity.

Right at the end of the session, as we were returning to the car, the sun came out and lit up the hillsides. I tried a few shots of the sunlight areas against a dark sky and I thin of all the images I shot that day, those were the ones that worked the best. But I’m not happy with them, they lack sharpness because I was hand holding, and the sky could have been a bit darker. Nevertheless, they have helped me visualise a picture I’d like to capture and I’ll be on the lookout for those conditions again.

As usual, I wasn’t quick enough in throwing stones for Rufus and I got a few barks and yaps as a result.

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