Chance of Rain

The weather forecast says ‘cloudy with a chance of rain’. The chance of rain when I’m out on a hill, the car a mere dot on the horizon, is approximately 100%.

Today I managed to get some time of work and, after doing the chores and things I had to do, I picked up Rufus and we headed off to the River Tawe above Craig y Nos. We both like it here. Rufus just dives in to the water and is reluctant to leave it again. I love the area and have done since I first came here to see the stone circle. Today I had my wellies and I could join Rufus in the water.

Often when we’re here, I’m taking photos of the waterfalls or the river and Rufus when he gets in front of the lens. Today, apart from some snapshots, I was here to walk and enjoy. I spent most of the time throwing stones into the water for Rufus to retrieve. A bark or yap told me he was ready for the next stone, and as we walked along the river he left a small trail of retrieved stones lined up on the river bank.

We climbed up the hillside to investigate a small stream and discovered a lovely, huge waterfall. It’s a definite spot for a revisit when the weather is better. For now we just clambered all over the steep sides of the little valley it had cut into the limestone. The whole time we were out of the car, the wind blew, the drizzle soaked us and the clouds hovered just above my head. It was cold, wet and miserably but we still had a good time.

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