It’s taken me a week to fully recover from the bug I had. In that time I’ve watched the weather improve and I’ve become more and more frustrated that I haven’t been able to get out. So on Friday, I was determined to get some fresh air. Aware of the dangers of over doing things, I called for my walking buddy, Rufus, and we took a leisurely stroll through the Lliw Valley to the reservoir.

Rufus hasn’t been well either so both of us took it easy. There was no rush and no sense of urgency. We went where we felt like, which meant an early departure from the usual path down to the River Lliw (a stream at this point) and a muddy squelch along it’s bank. You can guess who was leading this part of the walk. Eventually we returned to the path in the face of a barbed wire fence blocking our way.The weather was warm and sunny and it was a pleasure to be out.

We reached the reservoir and headed of to our favourite spot on the bank, where Rufus can paddle and swim and I can throw stones for him. He knew where he was heading and raced off in front of me. They’ve built some steps and a little platform there now, presumably to stop erosion and to provide a spot for anglers. It was ideal for both of us in our semi invaild state.

Stones were thrown and skipped (I’m a kid at heart) and there was a lot of paddling and swimming and some barking when I concentrated too much on taking photos and not enough on Rufus. Then it was time to head home. Reluctantly we both left and made our way back at the same leisurely pace. Fresh air is great!

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