“I don’t want to worry you but we’re gigging on Saturday and are you available to play bass?”

Two whole days of preparation? I was honoured. I said yes without really thinking.  Then I thought.

I haven’t played in a band for more than a year. It’s probably closer to two. I used to gig regularly with the Insiders (now known as the Insiderz) and was one of the original three who played the first Insiders gig in the Fleur de Lis rugby club. My experience of playing with the Insiders has been a largely fun one, with the occasional trauma, moments of stress and some boredom. It all adds to the adventure. Some of the stories have been told elsewhere. So I was quite pleased to be asked to play again.

Of course, when I actually sat down to play the bass again I realised how big a task I had to get myself back to a standard of playing that I would be happy with. Since I’m busy tomorrow and Saturday, I don’t hold out much hope! Nevertheless, I spent most of this evening playing along to familiar tunes and shaking out the cobwebs and dust from my fingers. I was used to not having much rehearsal time as that was how the band worked when I was with them before. It just added to the challenge!

So far so good. Keep an eye out for updates.


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