Today, two days after ‘Giggling‘, I played with the Insiderz at a pub in Swansea. It had been about two years since the last time I played, and I hadn’t really touched the bass guitar at all for a long time.

The ride in the van to the gig was the usual mix of trying to find out what songs we’d be doing later, plans for the future and a short introduction to the rest of the band. Which tonight, Matthew, would be without a drummer.

That was probably a good thing overall, as the pub was tiny. We dumped all the gear in the lounge and waited until the end of the football before setting up, as we were in front of the TV. The line-up tonight was two guitars, keyboards and me on bass so there wasn’t much room. We decided on a relaxed approach; chairs and stools were procured and we sat down to play.

It was a good night right from the start. I was glad to be back playing again and happy to be in the company of some good musicians. I had a proper set list in front of me and I recognised most of the songs. A few I hadn’t played before but I reckoned I could busk those. The pub wasn’t packed (the football crowd had left about an hour before) but the people that were there were in good spirits and danced for most of the evening. It always helps when we have a responsive audience.

Of course, this was an Insiderz gig so the set list was largely ignored, two of the songs I knew well from pervious gigs had changed completely and one new one, the music for which I had been given earlier, was in a key that bore no resemblance to the notes on the page I had. But that just adds to the challenge. It wouldn’t be fun if it was easy.

I enjoyed the night, smiled for most of it and welcomed sitting down as I’d developed cramp in the legs during the afternoon.

I hope there’ll be more giggles. If there are, I’ll share them with you. And photos, if any are taken.


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