I got home early this evening. I’ve been feeling rough all week and rather than my usual stroll with Rufus followed by Curry Night and kwality kultural experiences courtesy of Lovefilm (other DVD rental companies are available), the best I could do was a chair on the patio in the sun. I have some good books to read at the moment (thanks Em) and I have to admit it was nice in the warm sunshine. But I missed my usual Friday night fun.

I could feel my eyes getting tired so I put the book down and just listened to the birds and the gentle breeze. There’s a thrush singing away in the tree at the top of the garden at the moment. It must be courting time again. Bees buzzed around me. I could see all sorts of flying insects dipping and diving through the hedge and bushes nearby. Then I looked up at the sky and saw huge thunder clouds forming in the distance. I love watching clouds and these were quite spectacular.

As I watched, the clouds slowly drifted across the sky. So slowly that they’re still not completely covering the sky and it’s more than an hour since I was sat outside. It’ll be raining in a few minutes, though.

That’s it. No struggle through knee high snow, no frantic barking for another stone/stick/treat. No precarious mountain top and definitely no ‘this time last year’.

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