Yer takes yer choice, like…

Sometimes (in my head, anyway) I post sharp, insightful blog entries that I hope make you think, or at least give an indication of the way I think. And sometimes I post the blog equivalent of talk for talk’s sake. Today, it’s the latter. Sorry.

It’s been a busy week and I’m feeling a bit under the weather this morning. So today is a day of leisure (apart from the cleaning, hoovering, ironing, gardening and other trivial pursuits I have (or will be) carrying out during the day). I have already hoovered, (can’t you see how clean the carpet looks?) I’ve been out in the garden between rain showers to manage spurious growth issues (I dun some weedin’). I also took the camera out and had a go at snapping some macros shots.

There’s a bush or tree at the top of the garden that attracts bees at the moment. It’s as if there is a once-in-a-lifetime pollen sale on and every bee wants a piece of the action. For me, that’s ideal as they’re occupied and I can get some snaps of them. So I went up and started taking photos. I managed about half a dozen before a bee decided I wasn’t welcome and started buzzing around me. I backed off. It followed. I backed off some more. It followed some more. I dislike the thought of a bee sting – the last one I had was when I was a kid and at that age it’s the worst thing ever and that memory has stayed with me! So I backed off a lot more and eventually, after a brief chase, the bee went back to the pollen sale.

Frustrated, I went in search of something less aggressive and found a tiny fly on a leaf. One thing macro photography has taught me is to look at the detail. It’s amazing how, once I’m in a macro frame of mind, I can spot tiny detail or know where too look for it. I guess photography in general (or any visual art) changes they way you look at things. Even if it’s just to make you more aware of detail, pattern, design or colour. That’s a good thing.

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