A week in photographs

It’s been 6 days since my last post. What have I been up to?

Well, I can’t talk about work (not because it’s secret but because they don’t like me to). But rest assured it’s been busy. And to be honest it’s taken up quite a bit of time, both in work (as you might expect) and out of work (as I’ve been thinking about the consequences of what was going on and how it impacted on some of my friends).

I’ve been doing a lot of macro photography in the garden, possibly as a result of work as I find photography is my escape from stress. The weather has been so rubbish that it’s been hard to go anywhere without getting soaked. The garden offers a close venue that I can pop out into at the first sign of a dry spell. And if the dry bit only lasts five minutes, at least I can get something done in that time.

I’ve been writing some more beginners guides to photography. I run an occasional session for beginners in work and I tend to write the session notes as a standalone guide, which I then send to the attendees. It’s been good so far, with some keen folk turning up on a regular basis. It means I have to think in a different way about photography and that’s no bad thing.

This morning, Rufus and I spotted a window in the weather, took quick advantage of it and headed out to our favourite river and waterfall location near the source of the Tawe. We spent a relaxed two hours wandering along the river and it’s fussy tributary streams, overflowing with the recent rain. We dodged curious and possibly jealous sheep. I got some nice photos and Rufus got wet. When we got back, we both fell asleep on the sofa!

I have had to deal with a couple of visitors to the garden too. On Thursday, I found a little hedgehog at the top of the garden. Unfortunately, it was dead. I felt sad because I think I’ve seen it around several times before. The first time was when I was out with the telescope and it was snuffling around, sounding like an elephant in the undergrowth in the still quiet of the night. The most recent time was a few weeks ago when Rufus found it in the garden. He didn’t know what to was or what to do with it, so he went to default hound mode and barked. I buried the hedgehog under the bushes, out of the way of the local cats.

The other visitor, is probably a resident. It’s a frog. S/he lives in a trough of water half way up the garden and I spotted it last night when I took Rufus out for a comfort break. I’m not sure who was most surprised, me Rufus or the frog. I’ve been out now and again today to try and take a photo (it was too dark last night) but so far it hasn’t shown itself again.

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