Sometimes, you take care, you’re sensible, you do all the right things and despite all of that something goes wrong. If you are fortunate, you can look back and wonder what happened.

We are told to eat sensibly, limit the intake of this food and that food, don’t have too much salt, sugar, fat, carbohydrates and other fancy ingredients. We should all do at least 30 minutes of exercise a day and make sure we don’t get too sedentary. But it’s still possible, after following all of those guidelines, to fall foul of the whim of poor health.

A mate is very seriously ill as I type this. It’s not even clear that he will pull through. It’s not fair – it never is – and more so because he wasn’t a particularly unfit guy. We played in the band together for several years. Another mate, younger than me, had a brain tumour removed but thankfully is on the mend now.

It makes me wonder what the point of being cautious and playing things safe really is.

No photos today. It doesn’t seem appropriate.


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