Rare sighting

Sshhhh! Quiet. Carefully, very carefully, take a look at the photo below. Don’t move too suddenly or you’ll frighten it away. Just left of centre is a lesser spotted Stuey, caught mid rehearsal. They are almost never seen in this setting. Take a look at the markings on the belly, the relaxed stance of a Stuey at rest. Not feeling threatened. The plumage is particularly fine at this time of year.

Stuart and Lucien rehearsing

Lesser spotted Stuey, caught rehearsing in flagrante.

We had a practice session last night to get ready for a wedding gig in mid August. It’s the first time I’ve rehearsed with any band for more than 7 years. It’s the first time Stuey has rehearsed since he first started playing in bands (which, if you believe him, was in 1947 – some 16 years before he was born).



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