No one believed me when I said I had a frog in the garden. Rufus was the only independent witness, and when I tried to show friends, the frog deliberately hid to make me look a fool.

But I was right, and this morning I found it again. More importantly, I managed to persuade it to pose for a portrait session.

There are several places it could be living. There’s a hidden pond underneath all the old carpet and wood that is keeping the weeds at bay. On top of those, to keep them in place, are several trays full of water. And by the side of the house there are some old buckets in which I’ve seen frogs before. So while I kept an eye on the little frog to make sure the neighbour’s cat or birds didn’t go for it, I didn’t try to help it along.

Wildlife is welcome in my garden. I like the diversity and it’s part of the reason my garden isn’t a perfectly manicured show-piece.


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