Tonight’s Gig

Tonight, the Insiderz were pitted against Steps, who were playing in Swansea as part of the Tawefest. Who would win this contest of popularity verses volume?

Well, Steps of course. And they were louder than we were, too. It’s a tragedy, and better best forgotten.

We set up in a local pub. This was to be an early Sunday evening gig so we were planning on keeping it low key, laid back and chilled. The last time we played here, we all sat down and so we decided to do that again this time. The volumes were low and Mike had to hold back on the drums., But the sound was pretty good and it was a completely different feel to last night. The pub, like last time, was empty. Stuey had checked before we set up and the landlady had said she wanted us to play anyway. So we sat back and played an hour of relaxed blues and rock ‘n’ roll. There was even some Country and Western (C&W gives me headaches – it’s not my favourite genre).

I was trying a new bass guitar tonight. I’ve had it a few years (Stuey sold it to me when he had his shop) – an active 5 string. I’ve never played it live before. There were a few problems with the low B string being too low (the speaker was overloading a bit) but it sounded nice as long as I didn’t push it.

It was a nice, quiet gig. But with only three people sat watching us (and another two who stayed for a couple of songs before moving on – probably to the Steps gig) it was never going to last. At the half time break, the landlady decided she didn’t want to pay us the full amount with so few people in the pub (even the bar was empty, such was ‘H’s pulling power). We accepted a reduced fee and packed up. It was frustrating in some ways but I enjoyed the time we played and it gave us an opportunity to try out some different songs. We had a good sound at low volume and it was a pleasure to play.

Stuey was so keen to go that I think he may have had tickets to the Steps gig himself. He’ll never admit it, of course. But if you see us play in the future and there are dancey 90s pop songs in the set, you’ll know who has influenced the set list.

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