Warm up for the Quo

Last night, Status Quo played in Swansea as part of the Tawefest, a three day music festival in Singleton Park. Tonight it’s the Steps and tomorrow night it’s classical music. In the pubs of Swansea last night, there must have been half a dozen bands playing early gigs. All of them were the warm up acts to the Quo, as people streamed out after the sets were over and headed towards the park.

The Insiderz were one of those warm up acts. We managed to find enough parking paces to cram the juggernaut in and set up in The Strand, a top pub venue with bucket loads of atmosphere and a great bunch of people. As it was an early gig, the sun was still shining and all the blemishes and skin flaws we possess were clearly visible – we prefer the dark.

This was a slightly different gig in that we were there to keep people in the pub during the transition time between 6pm and 8pm. The best way to do that was to keep playing throughout and that’s what we did. The Insiderz can turn their hand to any type of gig but the best nights are always in pubs. Last night was no exception. We opened with ‘Heroes’ and closed with ‘Bye Bye Johnny’ and in between, several pints of sweat were lost in two hours. In fact, Mike the drummer was treading water at the end.

Highlights of last night’s gig:

  • The guy who fell asleep as we started setting up and slumbered through while we stomped past carrying amps and speakers, and even through the sound check. He’d disappeared by the time we started playing though.
  • A combination of my ear plugs and Stuey’s booming amp meant I played one song entirely a fifth of an octave higher than it should have been. It must have sounded good as everyone clapped and cheered. Ironically, it was the song I didn’t know from the first ‘Ship’ gig.
  • The amp Lucien had borrowed from Stuey gave up about half way through the gig. Lucien was clearly playing too fast.
  • Several episodes of outrageous twin guitar and back and forth swapping of riffs.
  • The bloke trying to put me and Mike off by making faces through the window during ‘Wipeout’.

We finished and it was still light when we left.

I spent the rest of the evening listening to the Quo gig, which could clearly be heard from my house. They didn’t play as long as us, though.

Setting up

Setting up


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