The Insiderz re-graded

Following on from Friday’s poor exam results, the Minister in charge of band performances has re-graded our report in the light of new evidence from last night’s gig.We achieved a ‘B’ last night, with the comment ‘good effort, nice to see the Insiderz back on form’.

If you read the last post then you’ll see that I was looking for signs that we could learn from our mistakes and get back on top of things. I think we did. The main problems were addressed – we kept the volume down to reasonable levels, the songs were tighter and better arranged and the guitar sounds were more defined and less mushy. That meant the overall sound was better, and that meant we played better. I enjoyed the gig. The guy that randomly whirled about, always not quite hitting my mic stand, enjoyed. The couples dancing to the slow numbers enjoyed. The landlord enjoyed (we know because¬† he gave us a little extra money) and our guest harmonica player enjoyed. We passed the first test, lets see how we get on with the next ones.

It’s not all serious work with the band, though. We have a laugh, too. Last night, as we got to the venue, the entrance to the car park was blocked by two guys carrying a large blue sofa. They were struggling but as I was on a main road, I couldn’t wait, so I had to go around. The one way system meant it took longer than I would have liked and by the time I was heading back to the pub again, the two guys with the sofa had made it to the main shopping street and were making their way slowly past pubs, restaurants and other establishments. At least they had somewhere to rest should the need arise.

As we packed up, with everything broken down and all but the drum kit in the car, one punter was still pleading with us to play ‘just one more, one more, go on, just one more’. I suggested Stuey sing acapella but it wasn’t to be as he didn’t know the words!

The photos from last night’s gig show rare, backstage views. It proves conclusively that Mike the drummer doesn’t sneak off for a pint while we’re playing long, drawn out solos, which is the main reason I placed the camera there.

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