I’m Rufus.You’ve probably seen me on here before when Dave talks about me sometimes.

Dave takes me out all the time. I think its because he need to exercise or he’ll get fat. Fatter than he is already. Anyway, it’s always good fun when we’re out as he’s so well behaved. I’ve spent ages training him to feed me snacks and treats, throw stones and find the best stick for me to chase. He never runs off and always comes when I call.

It’s been a hot summer and I tend to over heat unless I’m allowed to play in the river. In fact, any water will do, but I prefer the River Tawe as there’s so much of it, and so many stones for me to rescue from the water. It’s starting to cool down now and that means it’s hill climbing season again. I expect I’ll have to drag Dave up the steeper slopes and encourage him to keep going when he starts to slow down.

Below are a few photos Dave took to show how dashing and active I really am.

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