I had to go shopping after work today.

I hate shopping for food. The only good thing is that I only have to go to one place for it all. My local Morraldildlburys has it all. Unfortunately, it also has all the kind of people I don’t want to meet after a full day in a frustrating work place, rain enhanced traffic congestion and an annoying presenter on the news programme on the radio.

Tonight, I was unfortunate enough to be constantly encountering a couple who had decided to have an argument while pushing their trolley around. We carried out a graceful, synchronised series of movements that meant we passed each other on every other aisle. At first, they were discussing loudly a decision about going somewhere. By the second encounter, he was annoyed at her for agreeing to it without asking him. Then in quick succession, he was angry that she had ignored him, she was somewhat miffed that he was taking this attitude and, when I’d finally decided to leave without completing my shop just to avoid the inevitable and embarrassing conclusion to this spat, they started to shout about their parents.

In the past I’ve been to Asdesco and been very afraid of the clientèle, including the ones in elasticated leggings who should never be allowed to own such items. I’ve been there on slow night, when all the slow people appear from their nooks and crannies to be slow in the aisles. I’ve been there for OAP friends evening, when everyone stands around in the aisles, chatting and blocking the way. Sadly, I have also been there on singles night (which in Swansea is a Thursday). Not to pick up girls though, just beans.

And how come a tin of beans and a loaf of bread comes to £75?



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