Ghosts in the mist

Early start for Rufus and me today as we headed off to Cefn Bryn before dawn. I was inspired by Kate’s photos of Broadpool and decided to try and get some misty photos for myself. It also meant Rufus would get a decent walk in one of his favourite spots. With only a cup of coffee to wake me up, we were off. The moon and Venus were up in the eastern sky but there was no sign of the sun as we made our way towards Gower.

I was momentarily disheartened as we passed through a heavy shower, but it cleared up by the time I parked the car on Cefn Bryn. In the dark, we headed out towards Arthur’s Stone. I could hear Rufus splashing through puddles and mud ahead but could barely see despite my head torch. Some slopping and slipping was inevitable, but we were soon through the band of marsh and back on firm ground again.

By the time we got to the Stone, a faint dawn light was making the going easier, but there was no mist. I set the camera on the tripod with the timer and set about taking some pictures. I experimented with painting the stone with the light from the head torch, but by now there was a strong pre-dawn light. But I did find that a ghostly version of me was appearing in some of the shots. So I deliberately set out to get a ghost image of Rufus and me.

From there, we headed down towards Fairwood Common, another regular destination. The mist was thick around here and the sun was coming up. But I’d had my opportunity to take photos and now it was Rufus’ turn to get the attention. I managed a few snapshots, and Rufus managed to explore most of the ground north of the road.

Finally, we got back home and had a slap up cooked breakfast.

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4 responses to “Ghosts in the mist

      • I went to Scott’s Pitt pumphouse, Ynystawe and the Fendrod, the mist varied – it seemed to dissipate and then return hiding the sun, so I went for breakfast! yum!

  1. Yes, it wasn’t so photogenic this morning where I was. Too much cloud for the sun to light it up until after it had risen and the colour had gone. I always look at the pumphouse when I’m passing on the motorway but I’ve never figured out how to get there. Fendrod for breakfast? Should I be worried? πŸ™‚

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