Tales from the riverbank

As today is likely to be the last decent, rain free day of 2012, Rufus and I decided to head off to our favourite river, the Tawe, where it’s still little more than a pretentious stream. There were grey clouds all around but we seemed to be lucky and had very little drizzle. But all that we did have landed on the front of my lens, making some of the photos I took look like they’d been taken through a window in the rain.

We wandered up the river first, and the waterfalls were all swollen with the recent rain. Not as much as I had expected, though. I guess the water was still making its way through the saturated hills. But the water was spectacular and photogenic. Rufus chased stones while I snapped away. They he started to pose in front of the camera again. As you can see from the photo, he actually stood still for 3 seconds (the length of the exposure to get the blurred water) – thus proving that he knows what he is doing and has a rudimentary grasp of photographic theory.

We headed back towards the road, turning right to follow the bank of the river as it collected tributaries and grew. I could see where the water had flowed over the river banks and washed the reeds flat. The ground was waterlogged and it made the going that much harder. I was careful when clambering over rocks that were slippery, having slipped several times in the past. Even Rufus, with four paw drive and claws struggled on some of the surfaces.

I tend to get absorbed when taking photos with the tripod. Some of the exposures were long enough that I could fuss Rufus during them. But he was careful to let me know when I was taking too much time, sitting by the side of me, waiting, or making little hurry-up growling noises. In haste, I threw a stone which laned in the wrong place and he barked to let me know I’d done wrong.

Then I checked my watch and it was 3.15. I wanted to get home before the light went, and to try and miss out on the last minute Xmas shopping traffic. I was too late for the latter, which manifested itself in the form of several vehicles travelling at no more than 20mph, regardless of speed limits. It’s frustrating, but more than that I’ve noticed that the type of person who drives like this often doesn’t indicate, uses the wrong lane and generally drives poorly. Today was no exception. I followed a lane wanderer, someone who hadn’t chosen the indicator option when buying his car and someone who wasn’t watching the traffic lights.

But Rufus and I made it in the end.

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