Cold too.

How ironic was yesterday’s title? I felt a little tinge of unwellness when we were out but put it down to the cold air bringing on a touch of asthma. I thought it was the house that was cold last night, but it was me. Poor Rufus was so hot in the living room that he only came in to see if I was okay. He spent most of the time in the hall, flat out and snoring. Everyone in work has had a cold and yesterday afternoon, I got it too. Little sleep, blocked nose, aches, sneezing, feeling drained – I could go on but I’d sound like a medical text book.

Rufus was very kind this morning and after a brief outing at 6, allowed me a lie-in until 7.30. He came in when my alarm went off. We headed off to the river – an easy stroll and one I know Rufus enjoys and which I wouldn’t have to expend too much energy on. We were at the other end of the river to yesterday, more sheltered from the bitter wind. We ended up at a part of the river we hadn’t visited before.

I spent most of the time throwing stones or stick for Rufus and despite the cold he was happy to be splashing around in the water. But I could feel the lack of sleep and aches catching up with me so we only lasted around an hour and a half before we headed back to the car and I dropped him back off at his home.

The house feels empty without him. I expect I will be fast asleep in a few minutes!

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