Early one morning

The sun woke me. That hasn’t happened for a while. I even managed to have a little lie in. But the morning was too nice to waste so after a swift breakfast, I was off down to Broadpool to see what there was to see, and photograph.

I didn’t expect the pool to be frozen but sure enough, the frost had got there before me. The sun was low and golden but a thin veil of cloud filtered it slightly. Nevertheless, I had the infrared camera out and tried a few shots and then as an experiment, I tried the same shots with the normal camera. Two are part of the slideshow below.

Small birds were rising and falling in the sky, trying to lure me away from their nests and I let myself be lured. I walked around the pool, carefully watching where I trod to avoid living things and the inevitable boggy bits, although they were more slushy today as the sun tried to melt the ice.

Then it was on to Fairwood Common and a little wood I’ve been visiting a few times. There are silver birches in it and in my head I have an black and white image by Ansel Adams of an almost white silver birch trunk against a darker background. I’ve tried to interpret a version of my own a few times and I’m getting some results I’m happy with.

Then it was back home for a coffee before heading off to the bank to redistribute a few pennies.

My knee is still giving me some pain so I’ve tried to stay off it this afternoon. I’ve even put a support bandage on to remind me not to run up the stairs. Typical – on a nice day I can’t go far!

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