Hill and Dale

Two weeks off. Time to start the preparation for the Kilimanjaro trek in earnest. So far, I’ve just been getting fit. Now it’s time to do the hours and the ascents.

This morning I took a stroll down to the beach immediately after breakfast. The sun was shining but unfortunately the tide was out so I contented myself with watching dog walkers skirting the mud.

Rufus and I headed off to Fan Nedd this afternoon for a swift jaunt up and along the ridge. Neither of us had done much for the last week and so this first hill was by way of a warm up. There’ll be more.

With my backpack loaded down, I found the going quite tough, but that was the point. Rufus bounced and raced around enjoying the fresh air. Several times he disappeared and I guessed, (rightly as it turned out) that he’d found some exotic scent to roll in.

Eventually, after much huffing and puffing from me and a resigned look from Rufus waiting on top, I reached the cairn on the summit. After a short rest, we set off southwards towards the trig point and beyond to the most southerly cairn.

The wind blew wisps of cloud 0ver the ridge but the sun made it warm and pleasant walking. We turned back to the summit and back down to the car. But this wasn’t the end of the day, as I’d promised Rufus a trip to the River Llia to let him cool down. We found a place to stop off road, and for the next 30 minutes or so, Rufus splashed, jumped, dived and swam in the river. There was lots of barking as I wasn’t quite quick enough to throw the stones. It was great to watch him swimming in the clear water, legs kicking and the occasional huff as some water got up his nose.

On the way home, Rufus was fast asleep in the back of the car. I’ll have to teach him to drive so I can have a rest sometimes.

Our Fan Nedd route.

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