Dave and Rufus’ lads week day 3 – Black Rock

After yesterday’s marathon session on the Brecon Beacons, the plan for today was to take things a little easier. We decided to go up to the river and have a splash around in the sun, walking where we felt like at a nice, relaxed pace. And that’s what we did. We had a mini drama on the motorway – someone decided they wanted to be where my car was as I was overtaking and just pulled out but despite having to brake hard, we were ok. Rufus normally slides off the seat but he stayed put this time and we were soon on the A road heading north.

At the river, there was no one else around, although there were a lot of sheep. They tend to move out of the way so we just set off, following the river up towards Llyn y Fan Fawr. But long before we reached the lake, we turned off to skirt the hills along to the south. I followed a path made by countless sheep (Rufus followed a path of his own) and we slowly climbed up the hillside as we went. Before long we were on the crest of the hill and we had fine views down the valley, past the Cerrig Duon stone circle to Craig y Nos and beyond.

We came across a large stream dropping down to the River Tawe in the valley below. I’ve been thinking of camping some time this week, and this made a perfect spot to wild camp. There was flat ground and shelter. We stopped there for a while and Rufus was happy to chase the stones I threw for him. There was a lot of barking to keep me on my toes. Once again, Rufus seemed to understand what I was doing with the camera, and placed himself in front of the lens several times when he thought I wasn’t paying him enough attention.

We followed the river as it dropped down the side of the valley and so we were coming a cross a lot of waterfalls. We’d visited this same tributary before, but we had never climbed this high so the two high waterfalls were new to us. The sun was at a perfect angle to light the face of the rock and the only problem was that the light level was so high that a slow shutter speed was hard to get.

At the Cerrig Duon (it translates as ‘Black Rock’) stone circle, two minibus loads of people were gathered around the stones; some were holding hands, others standing on the stones. One person was balanced on a stone on one foot, hands held above their head. As much as I like to visit stone circles, I am not a stone hugger.

We threaded our was between little groups of sheep and managed to meet the Tawe. We walked and paddled back towards the car, passing more sheep and a small group of horses with foals, resting in the sun. Reluctantly, we climbed into the car for the journey home.

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