Unexpected guest

This morning when we went out to check the garden, Rufus and I found that the bird feeder I’d set up was on the floor and the contents scattered across the garden. I picked up some of the nuts and seeds but it was clear a lot had gone, and I left some on the floor for the birds.

We’ve been out in the garden several times today and Rufus has been more interested in the scents and aromas than having a wee. But that’s just the birds and the cat he chased off  the other day.

But tonight, as I was about to do the washing up, I saw a shape in the garden that I recognised straight away. A fox. It was busy hoovering up the nuts and stuff from the bird feeder.

I watched for a few moments and then careful moved away from the window, grabbed my camera and started shooting. I managed to get back into the window again without spooking the fox, although I’m sure she knew I was there. I took a few more photos and then just watched as she dined on bird food. Finallt, she’d had enough and tshe trotted back up the garden.

Rufus is due to go out for his last patrol of the night in a few minutes. I expect it will be an adventure for him.

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