Breconshire Mountain

Today was the last day of my holiday and after having completed chores and some gardening, I picked up Rufus and we set off for Llyn y Fan Fawr. The weather was quite hot with little breeze to cool us down, so I planned the route to follow the river for Rufus to be able to paddle most of the way to the lake. We took it easy and many stones were thrown and retrieved on the way.

At the lake, a cool breeze blew across the water. Rufus was waiting for me as I came up over the last hill up to his knees (if he had any) in the water. There followed barking, growling, flying stones and a few skimmed and bounced across the water. We walked around the edge of the lake, with Rufus spending most of the time in the water. Overhead, a pair of Red Kits wheeled. on the mountain I could see and hear people as they walked along the ridge. It was that quiet.

By the time we had completed the circuit, we were both feeling ok so I decided to climb up to the ridge. There was a cooling wind as we climbed but on top the wind died away until we reached the very end of the ridge. We sat there for a few minutes then Rufus and I had a play fight and he started to roll around in the grass. That’s usually a sign he’s getting hot, so we headed back down to the cooling water again.

Rufus was at the lake’s edge about 10 minutes before me, as usual. He splashed about for a while and then I told him we were off tot he car. I set off and when I looked back, there was just a head peering over the bank of the lake. He was very reluctant to leave his favourite spot.

We followed the river down and there was more swimming and splashing and barking and growling all the way. Rufus is intelligent and finds the places where there are stones that can be thrown, He then stands there and if I don’t show any interest, he’ll growl and then bark to attract my attention. He knows that if there are no stones on the bank, its not worth waiting.

Reluctantly, we both climbed into the car for the journey home.

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