Preparing to prepare

I’m getting back into the swing of training once again. I’d forgotten how much I actually enjoyed having a definite goal to work towards. There are only 87 days to go until I start the trek but I’m not starting from such a low level of fitness as last time. One thing I’ve been pleased with is how much of the previous preparation has stuck. Last week’s climb up Fan Nedd really surprised me in terms of how easy I found it.

This week, I started back in the gym at work. The last time I was there was the day my knee finally started complaining properly. I cycled for no more than 5 minutes before I was getting pain in the kneecap. So I was a bit apprehensive on Wednesday as I started off at an easy pace on the bike. But I needn’t have worried and I eventually completed 15 minutes – about 2.5km with no aches, pains or even slight niggles. I followed that up with 1km of fast paced, uphill walking on the treadmill.

On Friday, I managed 4km on the bike with no issues and followed that up with a 3.5km walk with Rufus. On Saturday I must have walked a few kms with friends before heading off to a gig (which is effectively 30 minutes of aerobics while we carry in and out the heavy equipment and around 90 minutes of light walking on stage). This morning, although tired (the gig was miles away and I didn’t get home until gone 2am), there are no complaining joints. My head is fuzzy, though. That’s age for you.

We had a laugh at the gig – three of the band are, or are approaching, 50. Me included. The guitarist is around 30. So last night, we were all in the dressing room waiting for the dyslexic bingo caller (he kept getting the calls completely wrong – “all the eights…top of the house, two fat ladies – twenty four”). The topic of conversation turned to ailments and the three of us compared conditions, ectomies and isms like old soldiers compare battle scars. We were brought back to the real world by the look of the guitarist as it slowly dawned on him that in less than 20 years, he’d be sharing some of our afflictions.

Today has been a more restful day – cleaning, more cleaning, washing, tidying, Pretty much the norm for an oldie like me.

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