A walk in the woods – by Rufus

Dave wanted to write this but knowing what he’s like and listening to his mutterings while we were out, I thought it best to write it myself and save you the ordeal. He was going on about monochrome, ‘form over content’ and ‘patterns in nature’. I think he was even planing a rambling monologue on the merits of film. I’ve had to use his photos – that’s the agreement we reached – but think yourselves lucky you don’t have to read his pseudo-artistic rambling as well.

We went out for a long walk on a new moor yesterday. As I’m still recovering from my knee operation, it was the longest we’ve done for a while. I felt great afterwards but put the limp on at the end to make Dave feel guilty as he managed to lose my treat bag at the beginning of the walk.

This morning, we had a lie in and I think we’d still be there if I hadn’t woken him up and reminded him that I need my daily physio. It worked and before long we were off heading towards Gower. I never know where Dave is going and today, I was surprised to find that we were at Gelli Hir woods (yes, I can read signs!)

I’ve been here once before but today Dave took me all the way through the trees along the main path. I am a believer in mud therapy and this route had plenty of mud to collect on my paws. While Dave hopped and balanced and squelched around it, I just charged through. Much easier, much faster and less risk of slipping and falling – which is what Dave nearly did.

Once again, be grateful I’m writing this otherwise he would have gone on about how there was a colliery here and a little chapel up the road and it would have gone on for pages and pages with stuff like the tonnage of coal produced per annum and the depth of the coal seam. I spotted a stile up ahead. I’m good at stiles but immediately Dave called me back. He means well so I turned around and we headed back towards the car.

We took a couple of detours on the way. There was a small clearing where, from what I could gather by the scents, people had lit a fire and had a barbecue. There was nothing left for me though. I did start to chase a squirrel but thought better of it; I don’t want to have to have another operation. So I let it scuttle off up the tree. Next time, rodent!

Back in the car, it was clear that although therapeutic, the mud on my paws would make Dave think I needed a shower. I tried to get rid of the mud on the blanket while he wasn’t looking. It didn’t work and to add to the indignity of it all, he carried me up the stairs to the shower!

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