This is where you come to have a look at me and see what I’ve been up to. You’re always welcome and please leave a message. I’ll read them all even if I don’t always approve them to appear on the site.

If you peer through the window, sometimes I’m in and waving at you, sometimes I’m in and doing something else and sometimes the curtains are drawn.




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    • Hi Jezzie. Sorry, but there hasn’t been an official Insiderz since November last year. Three of the four of us are doing other things. If you’ve seen the Insiderz in 2014, it’s probably the ‘ahem’ frontman with a few mates. You’d need to contact him directly.

      • Yeah, he said you guys would probably be gigging again in the Autumn (hope i haven’t put my foot in it if he hasn’t said anything about it yet!). Been having guitar lessons with him, so the band came up, but there’s only 8 tracks on youtube, and, bless him, he’s busy and forgetful so my promised cd has yet to surface.

  1. It won’t be us. There are some good stand-ins around – he’ll probably see who is available on the night. The Insiderz lead guitarist is now with a band called ‘Outlaw’d’ – worth a look if you can catch them. The drummer is with another band and I’m doing a load of recording.

    Good luck with the guitar playing – once you’ve got the basics, join a band. Even if you never gig, the experience of playing with other musicians is invaluable.

    • Aww, so it won’t be the usual line up if I see Insiderz live in the next few months? Shame, I was looking forward to it.
      Have you made recordings of gigs that I could maybe listen to? Sorry to keep on about it, but I’m really getting into you guys and its very frustrating when every week I ask Stuart if he’s made my CD, but all I get is a cheeky grin and an apology.

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