It’s official

Just been to see the doctor and he has prescribed a month of rest for my poor knee. If you’re reading this, gather at my house for I think I may need waiter/waitress service!

So after seeing him, I went for a chilled stroll through the botanical garden at Singleton Park. I never really knew what exactly was in there but it was beautiful. Lots of colourful flowers and plants and a squirrel, sort of hiding in a bush. But he just couldn’t contain his curiosity and kept poking his head out to see what iw as doing. Of course, I was poking my camera in to take his portrait.

Then, walking back tot he car, I was confronted by a road accident that had only just happened. A Ford Ka was across the road with it’s bumper ripped off and front tyres deflated. Being an ex-first aider, I started to get twitchy but there were no casualties – in fact it seems as if the two youths in the car had run away. I felt sorry for the woman who had just walked back to her parked car to find it part of the mayhem – the Ka had hit it before bouncing into the middle of the road. My car was only two vehicles away from the one they hit. I overheard a witness telling the woman that the youths had been speeding and had swerved to avoid a dog. Nothing for me to do, so I managed to do a three point turn and drive away from the chaos.

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The week

Not a particularly busy week. Work wise, it’s been steady. Home wise it’s been steady. This, then, is a nondescript blog post about an ordinary week.

Apart from the car, which was aesthetically modified by someone when he tried to park where my car was parked. Cue his insurance company authorising a third party company to arrange with me for my car to be made better again. All went well at first. The third party service provider contacted me and arranged everything to my satisfaction. Then the fun began. The insurance company and third party company each arranged for a different garage to fix the car. Cue a busy day of phone calls and emails. I finally got it sorted but all that trouble was caused by the third party company getting involved because the garage that ended up doing the work was the garage the insurance company had arranged.

For three days I drove around in the loudest blue Ford Fiesta I have every driven around in. Even Rufus was embarrassed to be seen in it! It didn’t stop us going for walks a couple of times, but he made sure he was flat on the back seat before we started moving and he leapt out and back in only when no one was looking. Apart from the colour, it was a nice car. Easy to drive, light steering and surprisingly roomy inside.

But now I have my car back and I’m happy and relaxed and comfy again.

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