Packing 2 – get in there you **!$&£”**

Housework done, coffee supped, luncheon taken. Time to have another go at packing for the trek, then.

Today was about building on the last packing session by taking a more critical look at what I needed to take with me. I had also given some thought to the bags themselves and decided that I could use different ones, which would help.

Below is the kit laid out on the floor.

Trek kit on the floor

Trek kit

In the bottom left hand corner are a few items I decided I could do without. I still consider the rest of the stuff to be essential at this stage, although this will probably change as the date gets closer.

Below, after some clever re-arranging of the kit and some tight squeezing, I managed to get it all in my new travel bag. It’s heavier than it looks!

Tiny bag



I’m really pleased with my efforts and I’m sure with a little more thought, I should be able to fit another pair of socks in.

Of course, I’m joking. Below is the real picture of the bags as packed. The little bag is actually the one I’ll be leaving behind at the hotel with clean clothes for the journey home. The back pack is the one I’ll be using to trek with and it will just fit as carry on luggage.

Real bags packed

This is what I’m taking

If anyone is interested, the kitbag holds two fleeces, four long sleeved baselayer tops, one short sleeved baselayer top, two pairs of thermal long johns, 6 pairs of baselayer pants, one pair of walking trousers, one shirt, 8 pairs of hiking socks, a raincoat, an insulated jacket, a sleeping bag, a silk liner for the bag, an inflatable sleeping mat and foot pump, various toiletries, various medications (including Diamox for altitude sickness, Malarone for malaria and Avon ‘Skin So Soft’ as an insect repellent), a box of batteries and memory cards for the cameras, a walking pole and various spare shoelaces, belts etc.

The backpack has my camera, two changes of underwear and socks, basic toiletries, hat, small towel, journal and a basic medical kit.

I haven’t figured out where the Snickers will fit in yet.