Not Italy – the sequel.

Following my hmph at Monday’s credit card statement problem, I rang Lloyds this evening. A very friendly and helpful young lady sorted out the problem straight away (after a series of security checks that now qualify me for access to diplomatic secrets). Refund of late payment charge, email to the credit check companies explaining it was a banking error, smiling face from me.

I was quick to moan so I’m equally quick to praise. The measure of a company isn’t just about not making mistakes, it’s about how they deal with the mistakes that have been made.

Not Italy


“You have exceeded your limit on your credit card. This figure may be wrong.”

Yes, it is wrong. The statement is clear, I have about £5.5k credit (I built it up in case I had to be rescued by helicopter from Everest Base Camp). And they appear to have charged me a late payment fee despite me having paid on the day the statement was issued. Some problems with Lloyds today. Is this how they intended to generate more cash to lend to small businesses? Oh, wait, banks don’t do that any more, do they?

“Your petrol tank is empty. This gauge may be wrong.”

“Your altitude is 38,000 ft. This altimeter may be wrong.”

“You are perfectly healthy. This doctor may be wrong.”

No photos. The adverts below may be wrong.