Normal service will be resumed

This morning, the sky turned blue and there was a yellow thing in it. Undaunted, Rufus and I headed out to Cefn Bryn for our first proper walk since I got back from my trek.

Rufus suggested a stroll in the garden at 3am and 5am but I managed to dissuade him and at 6.15am, we checked out the weather. It was cold and clear; a light frost made the grass crackle as we walked on it. The stars still shone. The moon hid behind a tree.

By 8.30, we were on Cefn Bryn and the sun was warming the day up in a way that it hasn’t for some time. We walked over muddy ground, made semi solid by the still thawing frost. It was beautiful and clear with views over Whiteford to Pembrey and beyond. It wasn’t a hardcore walk today: Both Rufus and I are getting back into the habit after a couple of weeks (for me) and more than a month (for Rufus) of not really doing much. So we took it easy, went where we felt like and just enjoyed the dry, warm weather.

I came across an old and photogenic piece of farm machinery, which could have been placed there for the purpose. It was the first time I was able to properly enjoy taking photos for a while, just being able to stop and think and picture what I wanted as a final image before setting the camera and actually making the exposure. I spent 10 minutes circling and pausing and snapping, while Rufus explored the surrounding grass and reeds. Then, while I was kneeling to get a low angle, a wet nose pushed against my cheek. I had clearly spent too much time taking photos and it was time to move on.

We skirted a herd of cows as they made their way up onto the ridge, negotiated a small stream and passed by Arthur’s Stone before heading back to the car. I’ve missed the local hills and hopefully, with the weather turning a little for the better, we will be able to address that in the coming weeks.

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