The same but different

As you may have gathered, this time last year I was in Nepal for a stroll. One of the things I loved when I was there were the villages we passed through and the way motor transport had not changed the way they were laid out. Even in Kathmandu, the fact that cars, vans and bikes all rushed through the streets did not seem to have forced any changes; the streets were narrow and the buildings competed for space by overhanging and having several storeys.

Walking through Robin Hood’s Bay and Whitby on Friday, the similarity suddenly struck me. Despite my promise to myself, I ended up uttering the fatal phrase ‘this time last year’ to Em (sorry Em) and mentioned it.

When I got home, I decided to have a look at the photos to see if it was just my mind playing tricks. It wasn’t, I can still see the similarities. So I’m posting a selection here.

Ok. This time last year, we were climbing the hill to Tengboche, which we reached at about 10:46 BST.

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