It’s my 100th post. This time, exactly 100 posts ago, I was writing my first WordPress blog entry. So how should I celebrate? An insightful retrospective of my year of blogging? A cutting essay on the state of the world? Something to leave you questioning your belief set?

Ha ha ha! I can’t do stuff like that on tap. Instead, I’ll treat you to a summary of my week:

“Ingerlund…d’oh! Ahhh, sleeeeep…no, teeth time… bed now, I’ll read a scary story. Cool. C’mon Germany, d’oh! Mmmm chocolate…ouch, Hello Mr MP…just one more kilometre.. fetch the stone… hey that’s my friends on TV, sleeeep, mmmurray, mmmm chips ‘n’ curry sauce… zzzz..”

Prize (to be determined, but probably cheap and costing less than a Euro) for anyone who gets it all right. Suffice it to say it’s been a busy, bitty and brisk week. But overall, it’s been good as the important parts of it have worked out ok.

I have been trawling through my photograph archive, though, and I found a few images from slides that I thought I might post. And then, in a break from housework I took some infra red macro photos in the garden. Since I’m happier with those and they’re current, I thought I’d post them instead. But I’m quite interested in the slides, so they may feature in a future blog (feature…future, I’m getting good at this writing thing).

To everyone else celebrating a centenary – whatever it may be of – congratulations and here’s to the next hundred!

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