Fame. I’m gonna live foreverrrrrr, (but no leg warmers, I promise)

Not mine, I should add.

Angie (Doodlemum) is a talented artist and observer of family life as well as a wonderful mother to Millie, Evie and Gruff (pronounced Griff to all you non-Welsh) and mother/wife/manager to my mate Myles. Myles is a Viking (it’s a long story for another blog but it is very handy to have a Viking as a friend). Doodlemum manages to capture an elusive character in her drawings and paintings that I can only describe as the kind of element that makes you stop, think and say ‘oh, yeah’, and smile and recognise the situation. If that sounds a bit vague, well so be it.The best thing you can do is have a look at her blog site. Bookmark it and look through and you will smile, and almost certainly nod and go ‘oh yeah’.

In the last few days, the press and the media have discovered the secret that Doodlemum’s followers have known for a while. It started with one newspaper doing an article and has spiralled to encompass several national newspapers, radio and television (she’s on BBC Breakfast tomorrow morning). It’s a fantastic opportunity, not before time and It’s good to see nice things happen to nice people for a change. I hope that it gives Doodlemum the necessary break into the world of illustration that she so thoroughly deserves.

Because if it does, the original Doodlemum watercolour hanging in my living room might just enable me to retire early!