Bored now

Following on from yesterday’s post, I’m making a real effort to rest up today but it’s very hard. I had to pop to the bank earlier, and I managed to pick up a couple of books in the local bargain store. My copy of ‘Outdoor Photography’ turned up as well, so there’s plenty of reading material to keep me going. But I want to be out in the sun.

I’ve just been out in the garden. Just looking, no gardening. And I was joined by the little bird that watched me digging up the spuds a few weeks ago. She was within touching distance again. She started of on the ground but jumped up into a branch to be on a level with me. She was eyeing up the lens of my camera and I half expected her to jump on it. It looks as if she’s a young robin; a very friendly one, and possibly a little too curious for her own good.

Then I spotted a speckled wood butterfly (I looked it up) resting in the sun on the hawthorn bush. So I managed to get a couple of photos of that too. All without moving more than a few yards. It’s the closest to resting I can manage.

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This could very well be the life

It’s 8.30pm. I’m sat on the patio in the back garden. The sun has dropped behind the hedge at the top of the garden and the temperature is perfect. Not too warm, not too cold. There is a very light breeze, not enough to move the leaves and the long grass but I can feel it on my face.

In the tree that my dad planted, there is a robin singing. All evening since I’ve been home, the blackbird has been busking there but he mist have gone for a break. The two songs are distincly different.

Another robin is making its way through the branches of a bush to my left. I can hear it rustling and can just spot its silhouette when it moves.

There is a haze in the sky. It has been with us all day. This morning it was mist in the dips on the way to work. Now it has risen again and over to the north west, it has taken the light from the sun and turned the sky a yellowy pink colour. It is a subtle hue.

The blackbird has returned as in in the bushes ahead of me. He has just started to sing again with a slightly fuller tone. I can hear other bnirds calling now and again as they fly over head. I can even hear their wings flap – it’s that peaceful here.

Next door, my neighbour is watering some plants at the top of the garden. Overhead, I can hear but not see a jet airliner passing by heading east – probably to London. A couple of small clouds are edging their way into my vision from the east. It’s not the normal direction for the wind. They are tinged with pink from the setting sun. As I watch, they have merged and the airliner, now visible, has passed behind them.

A bigger pink cloud is approaching. It doesn’t threaten to ruin the evening, but it is the biggest one I’ve seen for a while.

I’ve been typing what I see and hear in real time. Now the blackbird has resumed his rightful place in the tree and has started to warbled and whistle. There is a general background of birdsong and I can hear a bee buzzing not far away.

This is the life!

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