New car part 4: What have I done?

I pick up my new(ish) car tomorrow. I’m excited like a little boy. I’m sad at saying goodbye to the Audi as it’s been my favourite car so far. I’ve had a lot of good times and great adventures in that car and no matter what anyone says, these things leave an impression and lasting memories.

As if that’s not enough, I’m having work done on the house and it’s hidden behind a forest of scaffolding and planks of wood. The builders are doing an excellent job, working way into the darkness and in all weathers – last Thursday we had gale force winds and rain and they were still hard at it when I got home from work. On Monday they were here until 8.30, working by head torch and a single lamp. Alas, as the render was being chipped off the walls, my internet cable was severed and I spent three days without an internet connection.

Now I’m not addicted to the internet. I don’t always log on and there are few things I have to do on-line. But it just so happened that this week, I needed to do some manoeuvring of money from various bank accounts to be able to pay for the building work and, of course, for the car. I never really know how much I would miss being able to log on at will until I couldn’t. Of course, the builders said they would fix the cable but they’ve been busy sealing the walls so I don;t have any more damp coming in.

So tonight, I had a go myself. I managed to locate the master cable, removed the internet cable that split from the master and re split it indoors at the set top box. A few cuts to fix the connector to the cable and some squeezes from the pliers and suddenly I was on-line again!

I feel connected again!