Do it myself.

Stages of bathroom development

Left to right: Old green bathroom; toliet and more toolboxes than I thought existed; shower on the left; mirror and towel rails in place.

Well, get some one to do it for me. I had a green bathroom. It’s been there for ever and it was time to go. The taps dripped, the bath took too much water and I didn’t have any room for a shower. So I found a decent shower unit, added some pottery (toilet and basin to you and me) and got someone to put it in for me.

The shower is fantastic. It has a monsoon head, body jets and a radio, all in addition to the standard shower head. The toilet seat and lid are the kind that drop slowly, and they drop at slightly different speeds so they kind of fan out as they go. Every time (I know because I’ve watched them). It’s great.

I have yet to decide what to do with the walls as the people who put the previous bathroom in made a real mess of the walls, covering up their sloppy work with bathroom fittings. It would need major plastering work and my initial idea of tiling it myself is looking a really daunting task.. The guys that installed the fittings recommended against it as the preparation work would probably be beyond me. So I’m thinking of some kind of batten and board finish, which has the added advantage of being easier to clean and maintain. As a bloke, I like the way that sounds.

So this evening, I put up some temporary accessories. I needed a mirror and a towel rail and a toilet roll holder. They’re all in place. They’ve shown up the dreadful misalignment of the walls and the tiling. I measured the level of the mirror and shelf with a spirit level but because the tiles are out, it looks as if the mirror is wonky. IT’S NOT! (I have to say that in capitals to convince myself).

The floor is covered in a mish-mash of carpets and rugs and bath mats at the moment. I won’t be doing the floor properly until I know what the walls will be looking like. Besides the rugs and mats and things give it a vaguely Eastern touch to it all.

Okay, it doesn’t really.

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