Long way round

Day three of the walkies marathon. At a similar ungodly hour to last time, Rufus flumped down beside me in the bed and proceeded to edge me out. It’s a kingsize bed; there is room for both of us. But Rufus requires 7/8ths of the bed to be fully comfortable and I was in the way. 30 seconds later, the snoring started. At one point, it woke me and I woke him. I was greeted with a huge sigh and, 30 seconds later, the snoring started again.

At 4.30am, it was time to go out. At 5am, I relented, figuring that I’d get another hour in bed once he’d been out. At 6.45am, it was time for me to get up. All of these times were enforced with a wet nose and, in a new move this morning, a gentle tap of the paw on my cheek. I wanted to get up fairly early as i wanted to be out and on the beach before the rest of the world came to.

Sure enough, we were on the sand at just after 8am. This time, I had loaded the back pack up with more water and a large stone from the top of Pen y Fan. All that added up to 12 kg and today was meant to be an opportunity to start building some stamina up with that kind of load. It’s more than I’ll be carrying on the trek (if last time is anything to go by, I’ll have between 7 -9kg each day). To start with, I felt every gramme but as we went on, it became part of the background noise.

Rufus was happy exploring the high water mark, with all the debris from the recent high winds making a colourful line along the beach. The wind was cold but I was wrapped up warm. I kept an eye on Rufus in case he was missing his winter coat, but he was so busy running around that he had no chance to cool off. We left the beach and wandered across the dunes, through the wood we sheltered in last week and we even managed to find the only waterlogged, boggy marsh in the whole area.

Back on the beach, we turned to face home and trudged off. I was beginning to feel the effects of the weight on my back now and my pace slowed. Rufus had no such worries and ran off and round and up and down and back and forth. My knee was starting to ache again. I think I may need to give it a rest for a week before any more long distance walks. I was glad I was walking on sand, which had some give. I’ll have to make sure my training for the next few weeks is on softer terrain.

We got back to the car about three hours after we’d set off, having done about 6.4 miles and climbed about 120m.

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