The Tiny World

Slurp. Squelch. Dammit. Squidge. Blast.

That’s me blundering into a hidden mass of boggy, sodden, muddy sludge on my way to a little river just off a lane of the main road to north Gower. I was trying out the macro lens I mentioned in the ‘Retail Therapy’ entry. I was weighed down my camera, lenses and tripod. It just helped me to nearly overbalance several times before finally reaching a relatively firm and dry patch of ground next to the water.

A small thing hanging from a twig


Once I’d got the camera set up, it was a matter of finding suitable subjects. I didn’t have anything in particular in mind. I wanted to see what there was and have a try at all I could find. I focussed in on a small flower but even in the almost non-existent breeze, it moved back and forth in the tiny field of view of the lens. I managed to get a few decent shots and moved on. I was looking for tiny things to really test the lens. I started to see things I would normally miss when not looking out for them.

There was a ‘thing’ hanging from beneath a small twig. It looked like a small ball suspended on a tiny thread.

I found a delicate spider’s web with a spider sat in the middle waiting for tea. I found more webs weighed down by debris.

Spider on a web


A small fly on a leaf


Before I knew it, I’d spent an hour shooting more than fifty photographs, and I enjoyed every minute. That’s what I love about photography – I can lose myself in it and it does wonders to de-stress me after a day locked away in the office. To me, that is what a hobby is all about.


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