Waterfalls and Rufus

I love taking photos of waterfalls. I like to try and catch different aspects of them and you’ll probably find a lot of images of waterfalls on here and on my Flickr site (what do you mean, you haven’t been to my Flickr site? Go now, I’ll wait while you look).

See. Full of waterfall photos. In fact you probably got bored of looking at them and came back here hoping I didn’t notice. Well, I did and it hurts.

Okay. So yesterday, I took Rufus for a walk by the river. He loves to paddle, I like to snap away. But he likes me to throw stones for him. I’ve written about it before. Rufus is an intelligent dog and he notices that I stop to set up the tripod and take a photo. He realises this takes a relatively long time and I’m sure he’s calculated the exact number of stones I could be throwing for him in that time. In the past, he has resorted to barking and whining to get my attention and has wandered in front of the lens now and again. But he’s obviously been thinking about the problem, watching how I react to his various ploys, and formulating a plan.

Yesterday, he implemented a new tactic in the game, one he had only briefly tested before. As soon as I set the camera up, he walked in front of it. I threw a stone. He came back and stood in front of the lens again. I may be guilty of anthropomorphising a little (biggest word in my blog so far) but it was clear from his behaviour that he had learnt what I was doing and that he could manipulate me by blocking my view.

It worked, of course and I have now set a dangerous precedent for our walks.

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